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Increase Instagram Followers

How To Increase Instagram Followers 2024

Are you looking for strategies to increase your followers on Instagram? Even after a lot of effort, not able to grow the follower’s list? You have come to the right place! We have pointed out the most fabulous ways to increase Instagram followers.

Instagram is growing with a tremendous number of active users, increasing daily. This social platform is the most loved and used for sharing photos and videos. It gives you a lot of opportunities to establish yourself as a brand. Statistics show that around 70% of people look for the brand on Instagram.

You gain enormous benefits of sharing, engaging, and connecting with the world. If you authentically use some strategies, you can grow your real followers organically. If you buy your followers, it will only remain ‘numbers’; they will not be your real followers who would like, engage, share, and appreciate your efforts. Moreover, poor engagement means no growth.

If you are not a famous person, getting huge followers takes time and effort on a daily basis. But when you take serious actions and implement strategies, you can grab attention and grow your followers in no time.

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Account Creation

The first thing would be creating and optimizing the account. For the Bio section, choose a proper username and professional profile photo or brand’s logo. Give company information; what do you want to be known for? Point out, why should people follow you? In Bio, add a link that takes people to the company’s website or specific web page.

Content & Posting Schedule

Create your content strategy before you post. Research about your target audience, what type of content does your audience want. Content is a crucial part because that’s the way to deliver your message. It could be video, image, or text, but make sure it has great value.

Plan your content/posts and follow the schedule to post when your followers are more active. Most users check their Instagram feed daily, and some users engage during off-work hours and weekends. So decide your time after experimenting and stick to that.

A Good Caption with Call to Action

Always aim for an engaging caption with a call to action. Photos and videos are significant but never forget the portion of the caption, comment, messages. Write the caption in your own style as they build your brand voice. Make sure to be consistent and keep a humanized voice, which is casual and still professional. Use relevant emojis in the caption to showcase emotions.

Call to Action is a stage when you are telling your audience what step to take next. In Bio and caption, always use an effective Call to Action line. For example, ask people to double-tap if they like the post. Or tell them to comment on their experiences, views, and ideas.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Use hashtags smartly; it’s a way to reach out to a wider audience. You can use (maximum) up to 30 hashtags per post. They help to reach out to those accounts that are not following or knowing you.

Research the hashtags in your niche and make a list. Try and utilize the hashtags that are relevant to your post. Do not copy-paste them; they may not give you the desired results. If you do not use relevant hashtags, you may see results and good engagement today and lose it tomorrow.

Build your Audience by Instagram Stories

Stories are a highly engaging feature on Instagram. You will get exposure to the people who are not following you. Use the fonts, GIFs, stickers, and make it more engaging. Make use of story highlights, in which you can tell your brand story. Highlights stay permanently on your profile. And new visitors can easily get to know more about your brand through this feature.

Run Instagram Contest

To be visible in followers’ feeds, you have to create and post the content consistently. You can run a contest to draw the attention of a larger audience. It helps to increase engagement and your content gets noticed. For that, you have to create a clear set of rules to follow. Ask people to comment and tag their friends to win or get ‘take away from the contest. This way, you will get exposure and greater reach.

Use the live video and Reels!

Connect with your followers in real-time with the Live video option. Use ‘Reel’- a famous new creative tool; you can create mini videos and share them with your followers. This way, you can connect and engage using different types of content formats.

Interaction & Engagement with Followers

It would be best if you built relationships and get social; after all, it is a social media platform. Create good engagement with your followers, make friends, like, and comment on their posts. Give and share valuable content! Show your Instagram content on other platforms, like your website, with the social sharing button.

So, are you ready to grow your followers? What are the approaches that you use? Share your ideas in the comment box for this article on How To Increase Instagram Followers in 2024.

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