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How To Get More YouTube Views

How To Get More YouTube Views 2024

Do you make videos on YouTube? No matter if you are a first-time video creator or an experienced one. You often want to know about the tactics of how to get more YouTube views.

YouTube is the most popular social media platform and the second-largest search engine. According to statistics, 2 billion people are monthly active users on YouTube. And 51% of YouTube users visit the site daily.

Let’s get started!

How To Get More YouTube Views:

1. Create Valuable And Entertaining Video Content

The YouTube algorithm recognizes good content. Let’s do the first thing first, focus on creating quality content. Make your content unique and valuable which nobody is providing. You can share secrets, hacks, tips and add value to the video. Making viewers engage with entertainment helps to get more views. Viewers return for more value in the future. It enhances credibility. The more unique details you give, the more they like it!

2. Use Quality Keywords In Title, Tags And Description

The title is very important to inform your viewers of what the video is about. For that, do proper research on keywords and use them to hint the algorithm about the relevance of your video. Make a catchy and interesting title. Use the same tags as your competitors or popular videos in your niche. YouTube promotes such videos in ‘suggested videos’!

Never ignore adding a description. Describe your content in this section. It helps the YouTube search engine to understand your content. And present them when someone searches for them.

3. Optimize Your Video By Custom Thumbnail

A thumbnail is like a quick snapshot of your video, you attract clicks through it. Use an appealing image of people in a thumbnail. You should use an image from the video. Make engaging fonts and relevant keywords on it. Do not mislead viewers with irrelevant thumbnails. It will reduce your credibility and watch time.

4. Organize The Video By Creating Playlist

The benefit of creating a Playlist in your video is that they play automatically. When one video ends, another starts. That helps to boost the views. But do not compile unrelated videos. It may divert viewers to other channels.

5. Share Your Videos On Other Social Platforms

Always promote your videos on other social media platforms after publishing. Do a cross-platform promotion. Promote your video links to platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook groups, Instagram caption, Quora, Twitter, and other online platforms. You can also make a video clip and share it with text like- ‘coming soon or after publishing ‘watch now’.

On platforms like WhatsApp, share the link along with the video, sharing a link will open on YouTube and get you more views.

6. Build A Relationship And Engage With Viewers

Engagement is necessary. To make the viewer stay longer on YouTube favors the YouTube algorithm. ‘Likes’ and ‘comments’ boost engagement. Thus, engage with the people, ask to leave a comment, reply in their comment, and build trust.

7. Make A Partnership With Other YouTubers

Linking up with other creators will benefit both. Invite guest YouTubers to your video. Create your content together. Make it valuable and entertaining that people would love to see the combination. Partnership videos help to get more views!

8. Ask Viewers To Subscribe To Your Channel

Say it! Ask your friends, family, and social group to share and subscribe to your channel. Ask your viewers, to subscribe at the beginning or end of the video. Because if they subscribe to your channel, they will come again to watch your new upload. You will attract more views on new videos!

9. Use A Blog Post To Feature Video

One of the helpful tactics is to add YouTube videos to your blog. It makes your content more valuable. You will get more traffic and increase YouTube views.

10. Use YouTube Cards And End Screens

When a viewer is more interested in your content and wants to watch more of the same, YouTube cards and End screens are an advantage for you. A YouTube card is like a link that appears on your video’s top right corner.

If the viewer gets interested in that related video title, he can navigate to the video easily which improves the user experience. The end screen also comes with a similar benefit. It appears at the end of the video so that users can navigate to a similar video easily.


Use colors and make quality video content that stands out.

Getting more views is the ultimate goal of any YouTuber. For that, concentrating on behavioral analytics is more important.

Engaging with viewers builds trust. It is never advisable to buy the viewers.

Educating and entertaining content increases subscriptions and gets you more views.

Notice what worked in previous videos to get success and repeat that in future videos.

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