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Google AdSense Alternatives

11 Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2024

Do you wish to monetize your blog or website? Google AdSense is providing great opportunities to earn by putting ads. However, getting approval for the Google AdSense account is not easy. Also, apart from AdSense, if you want to add new streams and monetize, we have gathered some decent Google Adsense Alternatives here.

A website with high-quality content and traffic is ready to earn that passive income. If you want to diversify your revenue streams, here are the AdSense Alternatives to choose from the list.

Jump in to see those fantastic alternatives below.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives:

1. PropellerAds

Google AdSense Alternatives: #PropellerAds

If you are looking for an option for the best number of conversions, PropellerAds is a good choice. This platform is best for marketers and affiliates.

It comes with features like automated ad optimization that helps to boost productivity by cutting manual processes. This platform also gives prevention against fraud and provides high-quality traffic.

Further, PropellerAdsoffers real-time and in-depth reporting to monitor your success. A Push notification feature helps deliver your brand message or advertise instantly to the user’s device.

PropellerAds is the top-performing ad format with 1 billion users. This self-serve network is hassle-free and easy to use.


2. Media.net

Google AdSense Alternatives: #Media.net

Media.net is one of the most popular networks for Google AdSense alternatives. It is the contextual ad service provided by Yahoo! and Bing.

If your site consists of quality content, you will get the Media approval in no time. You can monetize your content with access to search demand. Media.net provides higher revenue for visitors with qualified intent.

It filters users’ intent with relevant search keywords. Media.net also prioritizes the user experience and gives a completely customized look. By connecting with major buyers’ networks, it provides easy access to quality display ads.

Through native ads, you can drive your audience to the contextually relevant articles on your website. Media.net is an ideal alternative to AdSense.


3. InfoLinks

Google AdSense Alternatives: #InfoLinks

Infolinks is a leading advertising network and a viable Google Adsense Alternatives. It offers a variety of ads with a specialty in textual-based ads.

It shows relevant ads based on the text of the articles or blogs. Using relevant keywords, when a user hovers over the keyword, it displays an ad. Infolinks helps you monetize your site with a variety of aggressive options.

This platform uses an algorithm to discover the user’s intent. It helps to deliver relevant ads at the optimized moments. Without disturbing the look of the site, it creates engagement and increases the click-through rate.

This platform is supporting a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries. It is easy to set up and quick to integrate with Infolinks.


4. AdThrive


AdThrive is a great advertising platform. It supports publishers and their businesses to provide financial security. AdThrive pays publishers even if they do not get paid by the advertisers on time. AdThrive handles everything related to ads so that publishers can enjoy creating quality content.

This platform creates custom ad placements based on the site layout and the reader’s behavior. It comes with features like video monetization and hosting. AdThrive also helps to monitor daily ad performance, traffic trends, and revenues.

This platform provides 75% of the payout directly to its publishers on time. AdThrive needs a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views. It looks for sites that have unique and quality content for advertisers.


5. Revcontent


Revcontent is one of the leading content marketing platforms. It drives revenue through increased engagement.

This platform offers a variety of ad options like display, video, and mobile. To apply ads to your website, you need to have at least 50,000 monthly visitors.

For advertisers, it provides real-time reporting and world-class support. This ad network focuses on quality over quantity.

Revcontent provides fully customized widgets and gives a fitted look to your website. This platform offers a high-quality user experience to the audience.

Revcontent helps to drive monetization across all devices. This platform helps to forecast revenue. With highly targeted Ads, you can monetize your site and increase revenue.


6. Ezoic


Ezoic is one of the leading AI-driven platforms and alternatives to Google Adsense. It is a good alternative for website owners and publishers to monetize content using innovative insights. Ezoic gives a better experience to every visitor to your website. To optimize ad placements and generate revenue Ezoic uses machine learning. This platform uses sophisticated data science designed for SEO, which helps to test better title tags.

Also, it tests and optimizes ad placements and sizes to increase revenue. Ezoic helps analyze website layouts, site speed optimization, SEO optimization, audience analytics, etc.

Ezoic provides detailed data and analytics about website visitors and their behavior. This platform helps to learn about audience preferences. It also helps in data-driven decisions.

Overall, Ezoic is a powerful tool designed to optimize Ad revenue & improve user experience. Choose this tool for better website performance and increasing revenue.


7. Adversal


Adversal is a self-serve advertising network to place ads on websites. It is one of the Highest Paying Ad Networks and a good alternative for monetization.

Without the paperwork, this platform set up your campaign in moments. It helps to create native, video, and display ads with easy functions. Various Ad formats and targeting options helps to generate more traffic and improves website performance. You can also manage multiple campaigns and view statistics.

Adversal is easy to use and user-friendly interface to manage all your campaigns. Depending on the traffic on your website, bounce rates, and type of content, Adversal calculates CPM rates in real time. For the eligibility of the ads, a website must have 50,000 page views. If the site is not updated frequently, adversal will not allow it.

The CPM rates of the Adversal are comparatively high and have a 100% fill rate. Choose this effortless tool for a variety of ad types and generate more revenue hassle-free way.


8. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is one of the affiliate programs that focus on commerce content. It helps to monetize the content with affiliated links for various brands and products. Skimlinks provide opportunities for bloggers to generate revenue. According to your website content, Skimlinks creates affiliate product links.

By using the Skimlinks code on the site, the links in the articles turn into affiliate links.

Skimlinks provides direct access to thousands of merchants so you do not have to apply for individual affiliate programs.

This program offers a toolbox section to create your link for each merchant. Also, Skimlinks plugins are fast and easy to install that generate affiliate links. You can choose a category and find the related offers when you want to advertise any deals.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize the blog. Skimlinks is a free and easy-to-use platform. Choose this powerful affiliation tool to start monetizing your revenue.


9. Monumetric


Monumetric is one of the Highest Paying Ad Networks. It ensures that a website owner earns the maximum possible revenue. This network offers endless benefits like Ad optimization, higher CPMs, revenue growth, Ad quality, customization, etc.

It constantly improves Ad technologies to deliver the highest bids. Monumetric constantly works to increase the revenue of publishers, which boosts overall growth over time. This platform works with high-quality advertisers, so ads displayed on the site will be relevant only. With the customization options, you can choose the Ad format, Ad size, and placement.

Monumetric’s ad strategy helps to optimize the reader’s experience and earn both. A mixture of technology, ad placement, and premium advertisers helps generate more revenue. This network measures the analytics, identifies the metrics that matter, and improve your earning daily. If you are a website owner, choose this advertising platform to monetize the website traffic hassle-free.


10. Evadav


Evadav is an advertising network that offers a variety of opportunities for publishers and advertisers. This platform offers high-quality ads with trusted and reputed advertisers. It contains a variety of options for Ad formats like native ads, push notifications, popunder, etc.

Using a simple code snippet, evadev is easy to integrate into the website. It offers high revenues with competitive rates.

An advanced targeting algorithm delivers relevant ads related to the content, which helps to increase click-through rates. Moreover, you can track your earnings with real-time reporting on ad performance.

This Highest Paying Ad Network selects the best suitable ad formats and helps to grow & scale up your business fast. Evadav network has a high-end algorithm for bidding options and tracking campaigns & trends in real-time.

Pick this reliable, user-friendly advertising network to monetize your website traffic.


11. Mentionable


Mentionable connects online businesses with journalists and content creators who are looking to mention (give backlinks to) websites in their content. These mentions not only help to drive traffic to websites but also improve your search engine rankings, which can ultimately lead to more sales and revenue.

As a blogger, Mentionable unlocks an additional source of income for each article bloggers publish. Instead of giving another free link to Wikipedia or a similar website, you can find a relevant website on our marketplace and help smaller websites grow, while simultaneously generating income for each approved mention.

As a website owner, using Mentionable can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings by building quality mentions (backlinks). This platform connects you with journalists and content creators who are looking to mention your website in their content. You have complete control over which mentions you accept or deny, ensuring that they are relevant and of high quality.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mentionable you can visit this website. And it would also be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Conclusion: Google AdSense Alternatives

When it comes to monetizing your blog or website, Google Adsense is a first player. However, it is not the only one! If you wish to look for alternatives for any reason, there are many alternatives to it. Above listed options best serve the quality and interest of the publishers.

A Variety of customizing options allows you to display ads with minimal effort. If you wish to grow and expand your business, choose the best suitable alternative for your business.