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Free Health Blogger Templates

10 Best Free Health Blogger Templates 2024

Are you looking for a template for a blog that belongs to the healthcare and medical industry? Then, the below-mentioned list will help you find the best option for your health blog theme. Find all the elements needed for coordination with your audience through Free Health Blogger Templates.

These easy-to-navigate themes with customization options will help you create an attractive website/blog from scratch.

Best Free Health Blogger Templates Download

1. Foodie

Free Health Blogger Templates: #Foodie

A Foodie is a responsive and free health blogger template optimized for search engines. It comes with tons of features that can easily attract your audience. You can also add social bookmarking with its widget.

Foodie theme comes with the features such as Post thumbnail, Drop-down menu, Retina-ready, Ads ready, Email subscription widget, etc. Opt for this modern and minimalist blogger template to provide an amazing user experience to your viewers.


2. Decorus

Free Health Blogger Templates: #Decorus

Decorus is a free blogger template to create a health blog or website. This elegant-looking theme comes with numerous features and functionalities. It is optimized for search engines and ads.

You can customize the blog with the features such as a Drop down menu, Slide show, Social bookmarking, Email subscription widget, Post thumbnails, etc. Decorus help you build a responsive and attractive site in no time.


3. FitnessMag

Free Health Blogger Templates: #FitnessMag

FitnessMag theme is a grid-based theme used to display pictures or events. This theme is suitable for gym, fitness, weightlifting, photography, fashion, shop, review, video, etc. It is highly responsive and works best for search engine optimization.

FitnessMag includes various features such as Custom color combination, Social bookmark ready, Drop-down menu, Fast loading, Browser compatibility, and more.


4. HealthBlog

HealthBlog Blogger Template

A Healthblog is a green-colored blogger template with diverse features. It is ideal for health blogs and healthcare-related websites. This template contains features such as a Slide show, Drop down menu, Social bookmark ready, Post thumbnails, etc.

You can display all the information needed to show attractively. Use this blogger theme and create a health blog or website with multiple customization options.


5. DailyHealth

DailyHealth Blogger Template

Are you looking for a minimalist theme for your health blog? DailyHealth gives you the required features for health-related sites. One can display the information in an organized and attractive way.

This green-colored background theme attracts visitors and gives a user-friendly experience. DailyHealth comprises features such as is Ads ready, Adapted from WordPress, Right sidebar, Responsive to any device, etc.


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6. Healthia

Healthia Blogger Template

Healthia is one of the nicest Free Health Blogger Templates that let you build your health blog with flexibility. It comes with green colored background and a Right sidebar.

Healthia includes the features such as Social bookmark ready, Ads ready, Drop-down menu, Responsive and more. This elegant-looking theme is suitable for any health-related websites and blogs.


7. Dieting

Dieting Blogger Template

Dieting is a straightforward theme suitable for health & fitness-related topics. The template creates your blog fit for all types of devices.

It provides features like Orange-colored background, 3 Columns Footer, an Adapted from WordPress, a Drop-down menu, a Social bookmark ready, etc. This theme has a responsive design for any type of device.


8. DietExercise

DietExercise Blogger Template

DietExercise is a free blogger theme designed for medical or health-related subjects. This sleek theme gives user-friendly navigation and many customization options. It provides features that easily build your health or diet-related blog in no time.

The theme comes with customizing elements like 4 Column footer, 1 Sidebar, and features like Post thumbnails, Social bookmark ready, Drop down menu, Responsive for devices, etc.


9. FitnessWp

FitnessWp Blogger Template

FitnessWp is one of the elegant blogger themes for the Health and Medical related Blogs and websites. It makes your site look stunning and sleek with tons of features and functionality.

You can customize your site with elements such as 3 columns footer, 1 right sidebar, Drop down menu, Social Bookmarking, etc. This theme is responsive to mobile, desktop, or any other device.


10. Healthy


Healthy is a free health blogger theme to create health care blogs or sites. You can attractively display health-related information and grab the viewer’s attention. It gives a variety of customizing options for your site.

You can find the features such as Tabbed widget ready, Ads ready, Adapted from WordPress, Responsive and Fast loading, Right sidebar, 3 columns footer, etc.


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Free Health Blogger Templates are suitable for doctors, medical professionals, physiotherapists, fitness bloggers, pharmacists, and medical writers. If you want a simple and easy-to-navigate theme with customization options, the above list will help you choose one.

For the medical & health industry, you can build a site with elegant and professional designs. Use any of these fully responsive themes, and provide a seamless user experience to your viewers.

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