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Free Customer Feedback Software

5 Best Free Customer Feedback Software In 2024

In this article, we will discuss the best free customer feedback software that you can easily use in 2024.

Customer reviews are really important these days. It speaks volumes about how well they understood your offering, as well as about their experiences and problem spots. Actually, gathering client feedback gives you a clear window into the thoughts and experiences of your clients. By serving as a reflection of any areas in which your company might be lacking.

We have discussed the top customer feedback tools in this blog post, taking into account many factors. Such as features, offerings, and restrictions on the free plan.

What are Customer Feedback Tools?

It would be necessary to define consumer feedback in order to comprehend the workings of the instruments used to collect it. Customer feedback is any comments, details, viewpoints, or insights that clients offer about their encounters with a good or service, or about their general commercial dealings.

Moreover, businesses can make more informed judgments to develop and improve their offers by using this knowledge of client viewpoints, preferences, and satisfaction levels.

Software or services that help to assist companies in gathering, examining, and comprehending consumer input are customer feedback tools. They facilitate the process of getting useful feedback from your clients at different stages of the customer journey.

Tools for gathering consumer feedback give you:

  • Gather Feedback: You may do this by using tools like surveys, in-app purchase buttons, website intercepts, email queries, social media tracking, and more.
  • Analyze feedback: Sentiment analysis, text analytics, and qualitative coding are just a few of the elements that the tools frequently use to classify and analyze feedback.
  • Provide practical insights: They condense and display the comments in an easy-to-read manner, frequently using dashboards, reports, and practical suggestions.

List of Best Free Customer Feedback Software

With a brief Google search, tens of free feedback systems with endless features and functionalities for companies of all sizes may be found. However, there are very few that offer free survey creation, targeting, and feedback gathering. And we’ve talked about it below.

These are the top free tools for gathering client feedback.

1. Chisel

Chisel Free Customer Feedback Software

Among the most cutting-edge consumer feedback programs available today is Chisel. Chisel, the best product management tool available, is aware that the way to win is through an examination of client input.

Apart from offering a unique Product Feedback Pillar, Chisel has integrated artificial intelligence’s revolutionary power to reimagine how businesses interact with and understand their consumers’ insights.


2. TypeForm


If you’re searching for surveys that will interest your target audience, TypeForm has to be among the most engaging and dynamic customer feedback solutions available. So, your survey forms can contain icons, movies, pictures, and other content. Additionally, you can design distinctive survey flows and tones to get the most pertinent input from customers.

You may also take payments using TypeForm’s free customer feedback app. If you want to lay out a process in detail, you may also schedule your surveys.


3. Forms.app


Thanks to its pre-made templates and AI form generator, forms.app is one of the user-friendly solutions for gathering consumer feedback. So, it makes it simple to generate surveys, forms, quizzes, and questionnaires rapidly.

Numerous free features are available, such as process automation, advanced customization choices, conditional questions, signature collecting, money acceptance, quiz creation with auto calculations, and more.


4. QuestionPro


QuestionPro is a community feedback solution that uses a centralized consumer feedback platform to manage various types of input. Also, its branching function helps you gather the most accurate qualitative and quantitative consumer feedback data.

To increase brand memory, you can also add your brand theme to your surveys.


5. Qualaroo


One effective online survey tool that might assist you in gathering input from your target audience is Qualaroo. So, it facilitates multi-channel targeting and is best to make the production of surveys simple.

For your SaaS product, mobile app, and website, you can design hidden surveys called NudgesTM to obtain real-time feedback from your target market. While developing your prototypes, you can also incorporate questionnaires to gather input.



Today’s market is full of free solutions for gathering client feedback.

What companies really need is a tool that they can keep utilizing and upgrading as their needs expand along with their business.

Ultimately, the best free customer feedback software for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider what features are most important to you, how many responses you expect to get, and how you plan to use the data before making your decision.

I hope this information helps you choose the best free customer feedback software for your needs!

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